Wood Mantels

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There are over 90 mantels on this page graded from smallest to largest mantel width.
If you want a large mantel start from the bottom and work backwards.

Many of the mantels can be made to your own measurements

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Siena Small Regency Browning
Austen Celeste
Sutton Modena Modena
Fernwood louth louth
Cortina Sutton Kingston
Modena A Huxley
Estoril Square
Hambledon Art Deco Bradleigh
Milton Souter Heaton
Kirk Askern Beau
Millbrook Bowden Brinsley
Ashtead Kipling Marinello
Paris Caledonian Milarno
Boxbury Phobas Routledge
Amis Woolaton
Milan Agar Hartland
Benidorm Brindisi Fielding
Grampian Guildford
Barkley Vancouver Brookfield
Dorchester Sedgebrook Sedgebrook
Cavendish Thorpe
Cairn Aldridge Kingston
Lisle Kenilworth Barrett
Ella Kingsbury
Repton Midas
Kingsley Carling Burns
Hogarth Lothian Classic Arch
Chesterton Richmond Chelsea
Keats Blake Ilford
Ruskin Renoir Chaucer
Gainsborough Stevenson Perth
Hambridge Wordsworth Boswell
Hollybank Milne Galloway