Contura 35Low

A stove with many faces

Do you want control over it? Then you can start by choosing Contura. It is obvious to us that you know best how you want your home. Therefore, we are not just thorough in our design and quality but we also ensure that we build freedom of choice into our stoves. Choose with your heart, because your new stove will spread comfort, heat and joy for many years.

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Product Description

New, cosy variants

Contura 35 low is a stove with a lot of choices: you can choose between three di erent surrounds, each with its own speci c, aesthetic qualities: glossy white steel, sober black steel or natural soapstone. All models have a glass top and side glass areas so more of the re can be seen.

This door is available in cast iron or with a glass front.

Whichever you choose, you get fantastic heat and the cosy feeling of a lot of re for a long, long time.

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