Contura i5

Insert for improved cosiness

Upgrading an open fireplace with an insert is a wise deci- sion. The heat spreads through the room instead of disap- pearing up the chimney. With the new, efficient combustion technology in Contura i5, the logs last longer and soot is minimised so that the fire is always visible through large, clean glass. Cosier, with a clear conscience: Contura i5 is the only Swedish Swan labelled cassette.

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Product Description

Style and output for every environment

Contura i5 is designed with the same modern design idi- om and attention to detail as all of our replaces. It blends easily into the environment at the same time as it gives the room a new sense of style.

With an insert in the open stove the heating energy is re- trieved from the logs more e ciently, and you minimise the risk of getting smoke in the room.

The Contura i5 rebox is made of durable cast iron and heat re ective walls. Through wise material selection the weight has been kept down in order for it to be easy to handle and install.

It is easy to select the output depending on whether you want fast heating with a high temperature, or a slow cosy re all evening.

The insert can be framed by a matching grille if the stove opening is large.

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