Contura i6

Style for every environment and heating for the prudent

Do you want control over it? Then you can start by choosing Contura. It is obvious to us that you know best how you want your home. Therefore, we are not just thorough in our design and quality but we also ensure that we build freedom of choice into our replaces. Choose with your heart, because your new re- place will spread comfort, heat and joy for many years.

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Product Description

Build new or build in

Contura i6 is our new insert which is ideal for those who have their own ideas and want to design their own replace.

More heat from the wood

When you buy an insert from Contura you get Swedish design and quality of the highest class. The generous glass area shows a lot of the ame and our unique Clean Burning System keeps the glass clean and soot free The e cient combustion technology gives more heat from the wood.

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